This page is designed to help you get to know your music better. I suggest you download, print and put these pages in your choir folder or binder for background information, translations, International Phonetic Alphabet Transcriptions, analysis, recordings and other information about your music. Depending on your browser, most material can be downloaded to your computer by right clicking (PC) or control clicking (Mac). In addition, we have a YouTube playlist with performances of many of the pieces we are studying. Choir YouTube Playlist

College Choir

Alleluia Sing Alleluia Leavitt analysis

Chairs to Mend analysis

Das Hexen einmaleins analysis

Kang Ding Flower Song analysis

Menina Me Da Sua Mão analysis

So Take This Song of Joy analysis

Tafta Hindi analysis

The Dream Keeper analysis

The River Sleeps analysis

Vocal Ensemble

Cherokee Rose analysis

Hamisha Asar analysis

Lamma Badaa Yatathannaa analysis

Lerchengesang analysis

On My Dreams analysis

One Note Samba analysis

This Marriage analysis

When Jesus Wept Emmaus analysis

Both Choirs

Maquerúle analysis

How Can I Keep From Singing