Directions for Using Flipgrid

We will be using Flipgrid  as a way to connect with each other when we can’t in real time. Flipgrid is a free video sharing tool. It was developed right here in our own backyard at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.


If you want to use Flipgrid on your smartphone, download and install the Apple or Android app. Make sure to allow it to access your camera and microphone. Once installed, open Flipgrid and enter the code sent to you by email.

To use Flipgrid on a laptop or desktop with a web camera and microphone, use your favorite browser to go to and enter the code sent to you by email.

Enter Flipgrid code.

Once you login, you will see everyone else’s video. Select the green button to capture your own short (up to 90 seconds) video.

Click the record button.