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Gala Choruses is an organization dedicated to supporting LGBT and LGBT-allied choruses, both administratively and artistically. Their website is a treasure-trove of great information, especially their resources section. They have specific resources for creating a welcoming environment for all individuals which you can link to here:Transgender Voices.

Speech and Language Pathologist Shelagh Davies recently wrote an article for the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Training the Transgender Singer: Finding the Voice Inside (14 Apr. 2016). This article is directed mainly at teachers of singing, but others may find it helpful as well.

Davies also created an incredible handout entitled Voice, Speech and Gender. In it she offers sound information about the mechanics of the human voice, how to take care of it, and the impact of gender on the vocal tract. This is a rich resource.

Dr. Anita Kozan is a speech and language pathologist based in the Twin Cities metro area. She is a specialist in the development and care of the voice for those who are transgendered.

The Musician’s Health Collective published an interview with her in June of 2016. You can find the article here: Supporting Transgender Voices.

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