Trouble Shooting

Having technical difficulties? Read on.

Audio Links Don’t Seem to Work

If you hear nothing when trying to use one of the audio links (Practice Files, Diction Files, Audio Clips), there are a few different possibilities.

  • No clickable link: It is possible that the file is missing or corrupt. If you try to click on text, and either there does not seem to be a clickable link or nothing happens when you click it, contact the webmaster (look for the Contact link on the navigation bar). Please be specific as to the page and link that seem to be having problems. Include the URL if you can.
  • Missing software: It may mean you do not have the necessary software or that you have a problem with your MIDI settings. Most of the file formats on this site can be played with a variety of media players including iTunes, QuickTime, Winamp and Windows Media Player, all of which are free and are available on the web. If you have the software, but still have trouble hearing the MIDI files in particular, here is the troubleshooting guide: Fix Midi Playback.