Student Senate Sign-Up

All choir members should plan on attending at least 1-2 MCTC Student Senate meetings during the semester. To help keep track of who is attending when, and to help ensure that we have representation at all meetings,  please sign up by following the link below.

Choose the dates that you plan to attend by placing both your name and your email address in one of the attendee columns to the right of the dates you have selected.

  • If there is already someone attending the date you have selected, try to select a date that does not have someone signed up instead. Once all of the dates are filled, you can add yourself as a second or third person to a single date, but it is important that we have someone at all dates first.
  • Any of you can attend more than two meetings, and I encourage you to do this. Many choir members have found this interesting and engaging, and you may find that you really enjoy this form of leadership participation.

 To sign up for a slot, click here.